Darkweb Threat Intelligence
Data As A Service

Our Darkweb data service make critical data available for companies identify and prevent cybercrime.

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ARIA is a SaaS platform that delivers threat intelligence to help organizations proactively identify cyber risks and defend against online fraud, with extensive historical Darkweb search, Monitoring, and 24/7 alerting.


The Largest Collection of Darkweb Intelligence Available

Our dark web intelligence team regularly engages with both law enforcement and the criminal threat actors within the underground community in order to gain access to privileged information and communications.

Have your passwords or personal data been compromised? Find out for Free with breachCheck. It’s like Google Alerts for the darkweb. 


It's like Google Alerts for the Darkweb.

Know when your data is breached and available on the darkweb. BreachCheck is the only online service that will provide you with access to your exposed passwords and PII so you can protect yourself against future hacks.

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